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The DMA Go Bold with No Gold

More progress needed in carbon reduction 

Despite some outstanding sustainability entries, the Data and Marketing Association did not award a Gold Sustainability Award this year, setting a high bar for meaningful carbon reduction efforts in future marketing campaigns.

The Data and Marketing Association (DMA) awards stand as beacons of excellence within the industry, celebrating work that inspires, makes a tangible impact, and defies conventional expectations.

This year, in collaboration with industry leaders, CarbonQuota had the privilege of participating in the judging process for the Sustainability category. Our co-founder, Dominic Harris, specifically sought out entrants whose work not only demonstrated environmental responsibility but also influenced consumers to make more environmentally conscious choices.

Recognising the importance of intelligent marketing that minimises environmental impact, we believe it is imperative to acknowledge campaigns that contribute to urgently needed climate action. The shortlisted campaigns this year effectively raised awareness about the delicate balance between sustainable marketing and ROI, shed light on the carbon lifecycle of mail in a circular economy, and advocated for train travel over car and plane to reduce carbon emissions.

These campaigns, along with its dedicated award category, have elevated discussions on the necessity for more sustainable business practices. They have brought carbon reduction to the forefront of collective consciousness, encouraging dialogue on how behavioral changes can be embraced for the greater good.

Despite the outstanding efforts showcased, the DMA opted not to award a Gold Sustainability Award this year. While this decision may come as a surprise, it underscores the reality that, despite progress, there is still a considerable journey ahead to mitigate the carbon impact generated through operational business activities.

Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director of the DMA stated, “DMA gold status really sets the benchmark for outstanding work that excels in creativity, strategy and results. The winning work is used to inspire and illustrate the best practice standards in our industry. It’s therefore really important that our judges are confident that the gold winning work really will help our industry go further – and perhaps no category is more important to inspire our industry to go further than sustainability. We’re so incredibly grateful to have the support of organisations such as CarbonQuota who are driving innovation to create sustainable solutions in the data and marketing industry.”

This serves as a reminder that while the truth may not always be the popular choice, honesty is paramount when assessing ventures against sustainability metrics. Dominic Harris, co-founder of CarbonQuota has stated, “we commend the DMA for their bold step in influencing the industry to move forward and fully endorse the message that efforts must intensify for accelerated carbon reduction in business.”

Our experience, shared with our clients, underscores that carbon reduction and Net-Zero goals open doors to opportunities. De-carbonisation is more critical than ever for enhancing business resilience, staying ahead of the curve, and attracting conscious consumers and clients.

The bar has been set high, and we, for one, will be closely monitoring how candidates elevate their campaigns for 2024 in pursuit of the DMA Gold Sustainability Award. Need assistance reaching that milestone? Speak to our expert team today and uncover actionable insights that will empower your team and business to make a real difference.

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