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How CarbonQuota can help transform your business

Instant carbon footprints

Connect to our database and obtain the highest quality carbon footprint that can be used on every quote, invoice, or management report.

Self-serve access 24/7

You can interact with our technology in any way you want: via API, efficient data upload, web forms, import a spreadsheet, or link to a third-party system. Once we’ve received the data, our advanced calculation engine does the rest.

Visualisation and reporting

Our visualisation tools, data and reports empower you to make informed decisions and take action. Compare, view, extract and download insights to monitor your decarbonisation performance.

Real-time supply chain modelling

Our technology enables you to shape the carbon impact of any supply network and monitor the results. Implement your desired changes, then measure your progress.

Influence your own carbon footprint

Easily track and monitor the carbon footprint of your people, buildings, vehicles and processes – all from a single, user-friendly interface.

Getting you to Net-Zero quicker with real science

We’re here to help you achieve your Net-Zero ambitions