Extended Producer Responsibility

EPR adds all the estimated environmental costs associated with a product throughout its life cycle to its final market price.

The report requires data on packaging base material, packaging type and expected end-of-life waste stream. Packaging used in 2023 will be the first to be subjected to the new reporting format.

You’ll be affected if:

  • You’re a UK organisation that supplies or imports packaging.
  • You supply packaged goods to the UK market under your own brand.
  • You place goods, or import products, in packaging.
  • You have an annual turnover of £1M+.

How CarbonQuota can help


Our platform and team of expert consultants can provide a deep-dive into the UK’s EPR – equipping you with the knowledge, templates and resources to comply, including:

  • A tailored report detailing packaging across the UK
  • Deep-diving into compliance and obligation across packaging portfolios and operations
  • Performing Plastic Tax Financial Liability assessments


Got a question about EPR?

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