Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
From 2024 to 2026

Between 2024 and 2026, the EU is introducing mandatory reporting across a wide range of environmental, social and governance matters.

Will you be affected?

  • You’re a large EU company with 500+ employees and €150M+ turnover
  • You’re a non-EU company with substantial activity in the EU (€150M turnover)
  • You’re a listed SME

What can you expect?

  • Urgent auditing of reported information.
  • Risk of large fines and sanctions for non-compliance.
  • New, complex processes.
  • Risk of legal action for damages from victims that could have been avoided with appropriate due diligence measures.

How CarbonQuota can help


Our platform and team of expert consultants can assist at each crucial stage of the CSRD process – measurement, reporting and preparation – with constant progress tracking to ensure you meet your reduction targets.


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