Our Story

We initially launched CarbonQuota to help the packaging and print sector do a lot more in sustainable production because it’s a sector that has a tendency towards greenwash to protect its interests.

A passion to do better

Our founders spent over six months trying, without success, to source a carbon calculator that wasn’t based on government published averages, wasn’t based on spend data, wasn’t calculated by the producer, wasn’t tied to a trade body, wasn’t curated by generalists, wasn’t out of date, didn’t appear to hide real emissions, wasn’t built on false assumptions of real supply chain activity, wasn’t based on overseas data, wasn’t expensive, didn’t require expensive on-site audits, or wasn’t layered with hidden consultancy costs.

So, we did it ourselves!

CarbonQuota is the result of research into the most reliable and scientifically valid sources of carbon data available.

We believe we now have the world’s largest independent database of carbon emissions in the sector, and the most granular carbon calculation engine. When combined with our sector expertise and carbon science, we have overcome the barriers we encountered and now provide the most honest carbon footprints in the sector.

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