Why use CarbonQuota?

Our industry experts are setting the standards for carbon footprints.

Our independent advice and certification provides reassurance, confidence and recognition.

With backing from The European Regional Development Fund, our emissions calculations are carried out by a team of specialist carbon lifecycle scientists.

CarbonQuota is the only system that impartially brings together science, analytics and industry expertise to help reduce the carbon footprint of supply chains.

Comprehensive Services

We cover every aspect of the manufacturing supply chain:

  • Operational carbon footprint assessment (including Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting)
  • Substrate & consumables advisory
  • Product level carbon footprint
  • Carbon footprint on quotes and invoices
  • Carbon calculators
  • Supply chain assessments
  • Product portfolio assessments
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Carbon certification
  • Carbon labelling
  • Offsetting
  • Carbon neutral and net zero claim claims
  • CDP reporting
  • Science Based Targets tracking

Qualified scientists

Our scientists work to the highest international standards:

  • ISO14044 (Lifecycle assessment)
  • GHG Protocol, PAS 2050 and ISO14064/67 (Greenhouse gases)
  • ISO14021/25 (Environmental labels and environmental product declarations)
  • PAS2060 (Carbon neutral)
  • Gold Standard & VCS (Carbon offsets)

Data and software

  • Our digital solutions connect carbon management with meaningful insight
  • Custom carbon software
  • API integration
  • Carbon calculators
  • Data collection, cleansing and normalisation
  • Data visualisation

Our Difference

CarbonQuota will:

  • Increase brand loyalty through credible and clear carbon labelling on products
  • Achieve your social reporting goals through accurate, independent, and credible carbon calculations
  • Reduce the carbon impact of your manufactured products through measurement and improvement at the product level
  • Drive improvements through your supply chain

Why CarbonQuota?

  • We are manufacturing experts and understand the entire supply chain
  • We are independent and credible
  • We use calculations that are specific to you and your supply chain (we avoid misleading average calculations).
  • We are quicker and more cost effective as we don’t need to do on-site audits
  • We provide accurate measurements for every step, so you can make informed decisions at the product level
  • We work collaboratively with existing processes and platforms. All of our services are available on a modular basis

Want to find out more?

Share your carbon reduction objectives with us and let’s discuss how we can work together to achieve them.

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