COP26 is over, and it has left mixed feelings at CarbonQuota HQ.

Most recognise that the outcome isn’t good enough – including Alok Sharma himself, the President of COP26. The consensus is that while he did a fine job and it is still within reach that the worst effects of climate change can be avoided, everyone is going to have to do so much more next time around to make up for this latest delay.
On the positive side, governments have agreed to come back with stronger commitments in 12 months time. For the first time ever, there is talk of reducing our use of fossil fuels – in particular coal – which are the main cause of climate change. There is agreement to end deforestation and rapidly cut methane emissions, which if they come true are huge. The unfairness of the climate crisis on lower income countries has also been recognised, and these people have a louder voice.
But climate change is still a problem without an agreed solution and there is plenty more to be disappointed about. Campaigners had raised concerns over carbon offsets with a sense that the system can still be gamed although the definition of a “good” offset is now clearer. On a related matter, not enough finance has been committed to help more vulnerable countries cope with the impact of climate change.
There are two important outcomes for business. First, there is widespread agreement that there is a simple solution – which is halve your carbon footprint by 2030. Second, the climate movement is bigger than ever before so public pressure will force producers to be clearer about their climate impact.
There will be winners and losers in business.

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