Our Approach

Because we are independent, we are open and transparent about our many sources.

These range from our own primary research, independent life cycle analysis projects, science-led databases, and independently validated assessments by manufacturers and suppliers.

We can integrate with any existing supply chain monitoring or reporting programmes you have.

We know the supply chain and we look at every stage of the manufacturing process: extraction of raw materials, processing, forestry, transportation, manufacturing production, fulfillment, distribution, product use, and end of life.

Supply chain calculations

Uniquely, our first target is to calculate at a supplier level. We have found that most other carbon calculations are undertaken using industry averages, however at CarbonQuota we only use these as a last resort and always endeavour to eliminate them. We believe that the future of carbon calculations lies in understanding the real emissions in your actual supply chain.

These real emissions are reflected in your reporting. We can work at global, regional or local levels, or even on a supplier by supplier basis. In fact, whatever it is that you want to calculate, label or report – our industry experts, scientists and analysts are there to provide the answer.

sectors we serve

We understand that many organisations are working on a lower carbon future but are still a little way from going public. We hold all data in strict confidence and it is always your choice when to reveal your emission levels.

Our experts work alongside the scientific team to get to the truth quicker than any other provider. When new scientific evidence is made available, we will update your baseline and help you adapt while remaining transparent to your consumers and stakeholders.

Because we are independent, we can put you in touch with suppliers that can help you reduce your carbon emissions. In most cases, we find that they also save you money.

Clear product

We will provide a certified carbon emission label for all manufactured products to give end-users confidence and advocacy for your sustainability approach.

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