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Aura and CarbonQuota announce partnership to help companies instantly develop more sustainable packaging

Packaging sustainability consultancy Aura and carbon management data specialist CarbonQuota today announced a new, pioneering partnership designed to give brands and retailers a broader and more holistic view of sustainability in their packaging.

CarbonQuota’s carbon calculator will sit within Aura’s e-halo platform, allowing organizations to instantly calculate the carbon impact of their packaging as well as utilizing e-halo’s existing recyclability functionality at the touch of a button, using live real-time data.

This will proactively enable clients to make more informed decisions across all elements of packaging sustainability and help them plan towards their corporate Net Zero targets – ensuring they choose the optimal materials and designs, and get it right first time.

The CarbonQuota calculator automates the process of calculating CO2e emissions, which can otherwise take life cycle analysis experts several weeks to determine. This provides brands and retailers with evidence and validation of their efforts towards continuous improvement and using more sustainable packaging options.

It will seamlessly integrate with e-halo, which tracks and analyzes recyclability, tax liabilities, legislative compliance, and sustainability by country / state, as well as an extensive reporting suite, across the billions of combinations and configurations of packaging components available globally.

The addition of carbon reporting meets the needs of progressive clients as well as the mandatory obligations of the future.

Gillian Garside-Wight, consulting director at Aura, said: “CarbonQuota is an acknowledged global expert in tracking carbon impact and adding its calculator to e-halo creates a unique and all-encompassing packaging sustainability solution for brands and retailers around the world.

“This partnership is also more than just a blending of technology. Aura provides businesses with in-depth strategic consultancy on how to make their packaging more sustainable from both a commercial and environmental standpoint, and we share that way of thinking with CarbonQuota.

“Both teams share the same values and the same dedication to educating organizations on how to make the best decisions for themselves and for the planet. We are thrilled to be working with CarbonQuota more closely both now and in the future.”

Dominic Harris, co-founder of CarbonQuota, adds: “This partnership provides companies with an even wider range of data points through Aura’s remarkable e-halo platform.”

“Carbon is a necessary metric for addressing businesses’ ESG requirements. As more businesses solidify their Net Zero goals, this partnership will provide them with the data they need to ensure their sustainability journeys are accurate and effective.”

Using the latest science and the highest international standards to instantly calculate carbon footprints and other environmental metrics, CarbonQuota works with leading global organizations in packaging, media, publishing, FMCG, print and many more.

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