Credible Calculations

Despite each of our team working in the print industry for over 20 years, we still found it difficult to measure the carbon impact of print practices easily and accurately.

The little data and insight that existed seemed to us to often be incomplete or biased.

We spent over six months trying to source a carbon calculator that wasn’t based on government published averages, wasn’t tied to a trade body, wasn’t curated by generalists, wasn’t out of date, didn’t appear to hide real emissions, didn’t reflect real supply chain activity, wasn’t based on overseas data, wasn’t expensive, didn’t require on-site audits, or wasn’t layered with hidden consultancy costs.

So we decided to do it ourselves. CarbonQuota is the result of months of research into the most reliable and scientifically valid sources of carbon emission data available, which we have now applied to what actually happens in print supply chains.


We’re experts on all things print.

So you get a more credible lifecycle assessment of your printed products.


There’s no need for intrusive consultancy.

So we’re quicker and more cost-effective at getting things done.

Why our approach is different

We understand the print industry and know exactly where to find carbon emissions.

Use Cases

A financial services organisation wishes to pursue a digital transformation agenda but has found it hard to switch customers to online interaction. The message of saving trees isn’t working anymore, and customers and staff alike believe that digital consumes a lot of electricity which is bad for the environment. But most people aren’t aware of the real carbon emission differences between paper and digital.

CarbonQuota models over 100 activities across the entire cradle-to-grave processes for paper and digital communications including the impact after it’s shredded, put in the bin or downloaded. We summarise complicated science-based facts in a simple label to explain the carbon savings of switching from paper to digital. Even if digital customers print at home, we’ve got it covered.

An organisation is looking for initiatives with which to demonstrate it is working towards Net Zero. Paper-based communications are on a gradual decline as the amount of digital interactions with customers is slowly increasing. But the carbon impact is uncertain because few people in the organisation have a complete end-to-end view of how the supply chain really works, especially as much of it is taken care of by third parties. The team behind CarbonQuota are industry experts and understand the end-to-end processes associated with all print and digital customer communications. We have mapped all supply chain activities and identified corresponding science-based carbon emissions to measure how carbon emissions are really changing over time. Even if the supply chain is outsourced, we’ve got it covered.

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