Wind Project in Gujarat

The Wind Energy project was developed by Vish Wind Infrastructure LLP (“VWIL”), an independent power producer owned by the promoters of Wind World (India) Ltd.

About the project

The project deploys 63 units of WTGs of Enercon technology, and delivers an annual average of 107 GWh of green electricity to the regional grid. It not only addresses the power demand–supply gap in the state of Gujarat, but also assists in sustainable growth, conservation of resources, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. The project contributes to an approximate reduction of 101,234 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year by displacing an equivalent amount of electricity generation at the grid. In the absence of this project, the equivalent amount of electricity would have been generated from conventional power plants based on fossil fuels. With the implementation of the project, the local communities have been benefited with employment, health, education, improved infrastructure, socioeconomic development etc. in the region.

Social benefits

Local employment generation

Free preventive health care support to the villagers

Local infrastructure development

Support to the primary education through digital platform

Facilitation of safe drinking water systems at schools and elsewhere

The project has reached more than 5000 households

More than 25000 villagers are being covered under preventive health care

Ecological benefits

6 Primary schools are supported with e-learning Labs

More than 1500 students have access to a digital learning platform.

More than 20 people are employed with the project activity.

More than 100 local people were engaged as unskilled laborers during the construction phase.

More than 10 different trainings and workshops have been conducted in last 2 years for qualitative employment development.