Tropical Mix in Panama

Degraded land, originally forest land, later used for extensive cattle ranching, is reforested with mostly native tree species and gradually converted into mixed forests.

About the project

The project provides sustainable timber production and cocoa cultivation; it protects biodiversity and restores a healthy forest ecosystem. Sustainable forest management and cocoa production offer employment opportunities, therefore improve the economic and social situation of rural communities and families. Tropical Mix has been one of the first in line to be successfully certified under the renowned Gold Standard for land use and forestry projects. The cocoa production areas have been the first agroforestry systems to be certified under the Gold Standard. In addition, the forest management received FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) and the cocoa production is UTZ and EU organic certified.

Social benefits

Long-term and fair employment for local communities
(more than 150 jobs created so far)

Integrated capacity building and environmental education programmes

Sustainable sources of income: sale of certified tropical timber, carbon credits, cocoa and seed material

Supporting local schools with financial programs and educational materials

Ecological benefits

Reforestation with 20 native tree species and protecting more than 30 other tree species

Biodiversity “hotspot”: home to 15 endangered and vulnerable animal species, including brown-throated sloths and anteaters

> 25 % of project area is under special protection as a conservation area

Creating ecological corridors between different project locations