What the law says

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting is now a legislative requirement for Large organisations.

You must collect, analyse and disclose relevant data in your Annual Director’s Report.

This forms part of the UK government’s target to improve energy efficiency by 20% by 2030, and net zero by 2050.

You must provide information on your business activities, and convert them to equivalent carbon emissions.

CarbonQuota is here to help organisations gather relevant data on energy usage, and convert to carbon following the government’s approach.


SECR is mandatory if you meet any two of these criteria:

  1. Turnover above £36 million
  2. Workforce over 250
  3. Balance sheet over £18 million

What you will get

An assessment report covering:

  • Building energy usage (purchased electricity, gas and other fuels)
  • Company & fleet car, van & HGV emissions
  • Business travel by
  • Other business travel (optional)
  • Employee commuting (optional)
  • A record of your baseline.
  • How your carbon footprint is changing over time.
  • Energy efficiency reporting.
  • A series of intensity ratios to track improvements
  • Quarterly carbon reduction progress report to check you are on track.

Why CarbonQuota?

We have created a straight-forward process, curated by industry experts in collaboration with our carbon scientists.

CarbonQuota Certified

One of our Consultants will work with you to prepare the data and undertake the energy and carbon calculation.

Our life cycle assessment Practitioner independently assesses each calculation and signs off a formal report.

With our service, you’ll meet the government standards for accounting and reporting your environmental impacts. If you want to exceed – we can help with that too!

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