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  • You are dealing with some amazing customers but they are asking for significant effort in measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of the materials and services you provide them
  • You want to baseline and reduce the carbon emissions for your customer to support their own targets.
  • You want an sustainability partner to support real carbon reductions – to provide you with credible and independent measurement.
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We know what we are doing

We are experts in the print management industry.  We know lots about paper, board, wood, metal, plastics and substrates, and have extensive sets of data to accurately measure carbon footprints. We know how printers and print management businesses operate and we have strong methodologies to create meaningful and actionable insight.

Our sector expertise is blended with scientific rigour to ensure our studies stand up to the toughest of customer scrutiny.

We offer carbon footprints of your suppliers, products, entire product ranges, materials and logistics.

We can measure anything in your supply chain.

We work with print management business where we help baseline and build reduction plans for their supply chain.

Whether the supply chain is everyday printing, direct mail, retail, outdoor display or packaging, our services ensure you get independent data on your supply chain carbon emissions.


Measuring supply chain carbon emissions for many businesses is complex, but CarbonQuota’s technology, does the heavy lifting. Whether by integrating ERP/MIS applications into our emission factor database via API, or building product specific calculators, our technology provides a whole new level of supply chain insight.

Portfolio carbon footprints

If you have regular items you produce, we can tailor a carbon calculator for you. This will calculate the carbon footprints of all the different combinations within the standard portfolio.

Want to find out more?

Share your carbon reduction objectives with us and let’s discuss how we can work together to achieve them.

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