What we do

We help you do four things:

  • Reduce your real carbon emissions
  • Achieve realistic sustainability standards and targets
  • Become carbon neutral or climate positive
  • Communicate your achievements and plans with your customers

Why now?

  • Have your customers asked you about sustainability?
  • Are you aware of legislation that is increasing each year as the government prepares for net zero?
  • Have you noticed the growth in consumer demand for more sustainable products?
  • Have you read media reports about the increasingly worrying effect that ‘business as usual’ industry has on the environment.

These forces do not need to be a threat to the print industry. With buyers and investors increasingly looking to work with organisations that demonstrate sustainable practises, it is an opportunity to grow and improve your business.

Why us?

We have the most comprehensive suite of services in the print industry.

  • Paper carbon footprint
  • Product level carbon footprint
  • Cradle to grave lifecycle assessment
  • Carbon calculators
  • Carbon certification
  • Carbon labelling
  • Carbon statements
  • Sustainability certification
  • Sustainability labelling
  • Sustainability statements
  • Science Based Targets tracking
  • Carbon neutral & net zero claims
  • Climate positive
  • Access to qualified carbon scientists
  • Access to industry experts
  • UK government Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

Our scientists work to the highest international standards.

  • ISO14044 (Lifecycle assessment)
  • GHG Protocol, PAS 2050 and ISO14064/67 (Greenhouse gases)
  • ISO14021/25 (Environmental labels and environmental product declarations)
  • PAS2060 (Carbon neutral)
  • Gold Standard & VCS (Carbon offsets)

Our independent team blends industry knowledge with academic rigour.

  • Print and packaging sector know-how
  • Qualified carbon emission lifecycle assessment practitioners
  • Supply chain experts
  • Analysts and project managers
  • Marketing, creative and branding to communicate your achievements

Just beginning your journey? Start here!

Our assurance and verification service for Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

Certification for printers who are taking their carbon emissions seriously. When your customer asks about your carbon emissions, our scheme is there to demonstrate your commitment to a carbon reduction programme.

It’s time to talk carbon

Let your customers see you shining brighter by taking carbon emission reporting seriously. The data required is easily available and we make the process easy. So progressive organisations – small and large – can easily join in.

We help you create a report that reflects fairly against your competitors, and our experts will advise where you need to reduce your carbon emissions and improve your performance.

We have taken the framework of the UK government’s SECR legislation and made it available to all printers in a series of cost-effective packages. These schemes are normally reserved for organisations over £36million.

Sustainability advice

We know that sustainability is a big topic, and can be overwhelming. That is why we offer an advisory service to help you through your sustainability journey. We provide facts, science-based opinion and actions you can take. We cover wide topics including the uses of plastics, alternative inks, and ethical sourcing which are tailored to your circumstances. You can then make real improvements in a step-by-step, manageable way. And because we know how important it is to tell your customers what you are doing, we help you there as well.

Modular carbon footprints

This is suitable if you wish to improve the management of carbon in a particular area of your business.

  • Paper
  • Consumables
  • Buildings and production
  • Distribution
  • Product use and end of life

Portfolio carbon footprints

If you have regular items you produce, we can tailor a carbon calculator for you. This will calculate the carbon footprints of all the different combinations within the standard portfolio.

This could be used by your staff or even your customers.

Carbon footprints on quotes and invoices

We can translate your standard MIS fields to equivalent carbon emissions, so you can state accurate carbon footprints on quotes and invoices.

Got a unique, large or one-off job?
We can calculate the carbon footprint of a specific job.


With any carbon footprint, you can choose to become carbon neutral or climate positive.

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