Pacajai REDD

The Amazon’s ecosystems play a critical role in stabilising the climate –
providing food, water and vital medicines for all of us across the globe.

About the project

The main goal of the project is to safeguard these resources from destruction. The Pacajai project owns and protects almost 150,000 ha – an area almost the size of London – of High Conservation Value rainforest in the Portel municipality in the region of Pará, Brazil. Since 2008, the Pacajai project has worked with families from the Ribeirinhos community to facilitate their land use rights and stewardship in an area of the Brazilian rainforest that is being logged illegally and at a very rapid tempo. The project supports local capacity building and enables the transition of legal land-ownership rights from governmentowned forests to local families for conservation. Project partners work in trusted partnership with over 6,200 Ribeirinhos river people that live and work within the project area.

Social benefits

Collaboration with Amazonian University who will provide social care, wellbeing and mental health education

Facilitating development of techniques which improve drinking water quality

Trainings in sustainable agriculture and horticulture

Work with the Pará state government to help Ribeirinhos communities gain legal title and full rights to their land

Improved infrastructure
(roads, health facilities and schools)

Ecological benefits

Implementing sustainable production of honey, cassava, black pepper, açaí fruit, manioc flour, medicine and essential oils as new crops

Protecting 30 vulnerable species including the giant anteater and the blackhanded tamarind

Maintaining integrity of biological diversity between project area and the surrounding

Provision of natural resources and ecosystem services